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Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
with the help of silicon valley its right. my favorite quote is education is our basic right. those words have inspired a lot of people to help educate girls around the world. there are two funds, like you said, set up to help achieve that goal. a private fund has roots here in the silicon valley. pakistani government donated $10 million to the fund for girls rights to education. that will help the united nations with it's goal to ensure all girls have access to school by the end of 2015. >> i want to become a doctor. my father told me have youch+ to become a politician. >> the 15-year-old school girl activist shot by the taliban in october is recovering in a hospital in england. >> the idea that a girl simply for going to school or wanting c unspeeblg speekable. >> gordon brown says she would be a worthy recipient of the nobel peace prize. her calls to educate all girls got attention of washington-based vital voices, which promotes extraordinary women, and girls around the world. >> we first heard about the attack we were outraged. ├ęt, her leadership and voice. >> vital voices reached out an
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
there will be a forced eviction in january. >> and education news. new one of 16 to be awarded a race to the top grant. the district came in second in the nation receiving $29 million over next four years. new haven won because of the focus on quality personal instruction. new haven plans to spend money on reduced class sizes and buying tools and teachers and students and hiring coaches to personalize learning experience. new haven is one of 372 districts to acquire the honor. >> and caltrans had to close a connector ramp to highway 1 near sausalito because of flooding and tomorrow, we're expecting what is called a king tide, a winter tide sometimes highest of the year. it's suspected to peak early in the morning and could worsen with that rain that is on the way. >> there is rain that is returning. >> yes. it's going to be wet. at the moment doesn't appear it will be enough to increase the risks of flooding but we're watching that. here is a live view looking across the bay. you can see clouds tlchl rain has not yet arrived but getting mighty close. here is a look and just north, up in southern mendo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2